Social Intrapreneurship

Social Intrapreneurship

Who are Social Intrapreneurs?

Social intrapreneurs are corporate changemakers - leaders or employees who build their actions on inner values and apply the principles of social entrepreneurship by developing socially innovative solutions that have both ethical fibre and community impact potential for mainstream companies. They drive change from the inside out - at the heart of these innovations, shaping the future of business.

According to Gifford Pinchot III, who coined the term in 1978, intrapreneurs are "dreamers who do." They bring much-needed entrepreneurial capacity to large, systematized organizations.

Social intrapreneurs are individuals who accelerate the delivery of solutions for social, economic, and environmental issues. They have been on the forefront of defining what it means for business to be socially responsible. They lean into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), work with CSR funds with a long term commitment and transformational approach.

Programme Overview

Business is reconnecting with its core purpose by addressing society's needs in profitable ways. In the last few years many Indian corporates have adopted strategies that help the businesses achieve long term growth, while ensuring a positive societal and environmental impact.

Over 800 companies from emerging markets were assessed, out of which 98 companies including 12 Indian companies made it to the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets 2019 Index. It is evident that the business sector (for-profit companies and social enterprises) can provide social leadership, bring financial models, expertise and customize products and services to meet unmet needs.

Social Intrapreneurship training and facilitation in India

Organizations and leaders that use business solutions to address social and environmental causes are here to stay. Recognizing that complex social issues, be it health, hygiene and well-being, education, environmental conservation, gender and inclusivity and so on can be effectively solved through collaborative and shared value thinking, CSIM is focusing on how they can do so most effectively. More than ever before, businesses are pivoting for proactive and creative-thinking individuals who accelerate the delivery of solutions for economic, environmental and social causes. These individuals - social intrapreneurs are allies who understand and future proof the business for sustained value.

The Social Intrapreneurship (SI)-101 programme and Social Intrapreneurship (SI)-Advanced programme are for company leaders and enterprising teams to drive transformative solutions from within that embody management guru Peter Drucker's words "Every single social and global issue of our day is a business opportunity in disguise".

The objective of these programmes is to drive increased collective initiatives in business organisations that would redefine their success through risk mitigation, innovation & opportunity creation, operational efficiency, brand differentiation, talent and community/civic engagement. The programmes seek to equip intrapreneurs with the tools they need to conceive and implement sustainable initiatives that create business value.

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