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CSIM - Hyderabad

CSIM launched a centre in Hyderabad in 2002, by networking with Dr.Reddy's Foundation. This centre has emerged as a prominent learning and networking centre for social workers, NGOs and budding social entrepreneurs in Hyderabad. The Centre has already trained over 250 persons and most of them are now active agents for social change and development.

In addition to various training and capacity building initiatives in social sector, CSIM Hyderabad is functioning as the Nodal Organization of CHILDLINE service in Hyderabad. In this role, we are cooperating with other NGOs and Government departments in facilitating child protection and care for disadvantaged children.

Presently, Hyderabad centre is offering a Certificate Course in NGO Management and Social Entrepreneurship. This part time course of 4.5 months duration deals with basic principles of management and entrepreneurship in social sector organizations. It helps aspiring social entrepreneurs develop leadership and management skills by learning how to apply successful business practices in a non-profit organization while retaining its social mission.

Programs at CSIM Hyderabad

  1. Training and capacity building in social sector organizations
    1. Certificate Course in NGO Management and Social Entrepreneurship
    2. Short training programs for social workers and managers in the social sector organizations
  2. Nodal Organization of CHILDLINE for Hyderabad
  3. Volunteering Promotion

Volunteering Initiatives

  • Student Volunteer consultant program for MBA students
  • Tie –up with Net Impact club of ISB, Hyderabad for pro-bono consulting for NGOs


  • Certificate Course in NGO Management and Social Entrepreneurship - (First Saturday of August and February)

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