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Social Intrapreneurship SI-101 &
Social Intrapreneurship SI - Advanced Program

Social Intrapreneurship SI-101

Date - 9th Jan, 16th Jan, 23rd Jan & 30th Jan, 2021
Time - 3pm - 6pm
Fee : Corporates - Rs. 15,000; Social Enterprises/NGOs - Rs. 12,500

The programs are for private, public, NGO and CSR participants/teams who wish to drive transformative solutions from within the organisation.

The objective of these programms is to drive increased individual and collective initiatives in business and social organisations to conceive and implement sustainable initiatives that create business and social value


Businesses are reimagining and reconnecting with its core purpose by addressing society's needs in profitable ways.

Complex social issues, be it health, hygiene and well-being, education, environmental conservation, gender and inclusivity, can be effectively solved only through collaborative and shared value thinking.


Organizations and leaders that use business solutions to address social and environmental causes are here to stay.

More than ever before, business and social enterprises are pivoting towards the delivery of solutions for economic, environmental and social causes.

Many Indian Corporations have adopted strategies that help the business achieve long term growth, while ensuring a positive societal and environmental impact, It is time to take it to the next level.

Social enterprises too are pivoting from the purely charitable mode towards more financially stable solutions.


Problem solving through training employees as leaders and intrapreneurs who co-create structured SI programs that are profitable and impact driven.

Enhance meaningful engagement with stakeholders through human centric approach.

Create leaders who are adept not only in their functional responsibilities but also in pursuing sustainability (by integrating Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in business decisions), a fast-growing priority among companies and investors alike.

Build resilient organizations which are well balanced between social and economic value focus and creation.

Strengthen and support the CSR teams to enhance their approach, deeper connect with the beneficiaries and tighter alignment with the business goals.


SI 101 program

SI 101 program will help individuals tap into and direct their creativity towards a larger goal of sustainable development, and understand the know-why and know-how of integrating it into ways of working.

Team based course

Up to 4 members from each organization - Senior leaders, middle managers and high potential employees from companies and social enterprises, including CSR staff.

* We recommend participants to enroll as a team, individuals too are welcome.


9th Jan, 16th Jan, 23rd Jan & 30th Jan, 2021.

12 hours over 4 weeks; Offered for 3 hours / week for 4 weeks.
6 hours of self-work, comprising pre-session reading, assignments, stakeholder interviews, etc. culminating into a presentation of the individual / team SI idea for improvement / innovation to their management or sponsor

SI Advanced program

SI Advanced program will deepen the tools learnt in SI 101 to create "pitching, accelerator & networking" platforms to channelize cause and business driven solutions. It will help design the road-map for intervention at organizational level

Schedule will be announced shortly

18 hours over 6 weeks; Offered for 3 hours / week for 6 weeks; Including piloting a social initiative and hands-on experience of partnering with a social entrepreneur.


Should have completed SI 101 Program



Social Intrapreneurs create change from inside

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize Social Intrapreneurship (SI) as a strategy to advance the leadership agenda
  • Design SI initiatives within the organisation that focus on systemic impact
  • Practise co-creative leadership based on empathy, collaboration, and sensitivity to diverse sets of voices.
  • Map social change impact ideas to ensure that the organisation's own sustainability pursuits contribute to global progress


  • Product and Brand managers working on cause related opportunities
  • Communication leaders communicating sustainability
  • EHS & Sustainability professionals
  • Diversity and Inclusion champions
  • Supply chain professionals with green and ethical goals for the supply chain
  • Operations /Manufacturing leads interfacing with community and maximizing resource conservation
  • CSR professionals pursuing shared value creation
  • HR leaders
  • Leaders / Second line leaders in social entreprises and Ngos


Social Intrapreneurship

Define Social Intrapreneurship, Rationale and context where it can be applied, Derive an operating model for action

Sustainable Development Goals

Identify opportunities for business and social action, Getting to know the 17 SDGs, translating SDGs into social action

Emotional Intelligence

Leading the way to be self aware, putting emotional Intelligence into practice and converting purpose into action

Human Centred Design Tools

Arousing the creativity within us, Introduction to Human-centred Design Thinking, understand the method and mindset required to solve complex problems

Measuring Impact

Relevance of Impact measurement, Introduction to Impact measurement tools such as Social Accounting andAudit, SROI etc


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Upcoming Course: Social Intrapreneurship SI-101

Date - 9th Jan, 16th Jan, 23rd Jan & 30th Jan, 2021
Time - 3pm - 6pm
Fee : Corporates - Rs. 15,000; Social Enterprises/NGOs - Rs. 12,500
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