MOSAiC - Musings of Social Change Agents

Center of Social Initiatives and Management (CSIM) has launched a Learning Collaborative: MOSAiC - Musings of Social Change Agents.

MOSAiC is envisioned as a repository of reflections and experiences showcasing social innovation and social entrepreneurial initiatives with aspiring changemakers.

Our vision is to bring the curated stories to aspiring changemakers who can learn from experiences & mindset of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Through MOSAiC video series we are assimilating a palette of experiences of social change agents from diverse backgrounds - the creators and catalysts, making a difference in this Decade of Action.

Venkat Sriraman

Co-Founder/ Trustee, eVidyaloka

An Engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani ( Class of '95) has held various (Class of '95) has held various engineering positions in the field of software product and IT application development in companies like Aditi, Citigroup, Honeywell, Microsoft and Dell.A passionate technologist, who gets excited about applying technology to solve chronic social challenges of India and eVidyaloka is a dream, to be realized in that direction, in the form of a social enterprise. For him, the move from a corporate job to the development sector is a profession change and believes in applying the professional competencies gained, towards the execution of a larger social initiative.