Developmental Research

Developmental Research


The purpose of developmental research is to assess social changes over an extended period of time. The two-fold focus of Developmental Research at MSDS is to create knowledge on social entrepreneurs and to enable Developmental Research on social entrepreneurship.


MSDS reports and assesses the social impact and social change contributed by social entrepreneurs across India through its Publications and Social Impact Assessments. Case studies are prepared on the work done by a few CSIM alumni which are used during the training sessions at CSIM and also presented at conferences. Two cases studies were presented at an International conference on entrepreneurship held at IIM, Bangalore and received the Best case study award.

From 2020, our focus would be more on Qualitative research that is relevant for social enterprises. The following services will be offered for Research scholars and organizations

  • Problem definition
  • Literature reviews
  • Research procedures


  • 2001 A 30-hour module in Social Research as a Core Subject is part of the PGDSIM course offered at CSIM. SPSS is also taught in this module.
  • 2002 Research was conducted for the USIS on "Feasibility of starting a Women's Fund"
  • 2010 CMDC, the publication arm of CSIM was launched
  • 2011 SAN, India was launched to offer Impact assessment and social audit for non-profit and for-profit organisations.
  • 2013 Literary Review was conducted for "Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI): Leveraging the IIT Madras ecosystem for social enterprises"
  • 2018 Training Programs was conducted for researchers and college faculty on Quantitative and Qualitative research, Research Methodology in Quantitative Research, and SPSS


"I thank CSIM and SAN, India for helping me understand the challenges of social development through micro and social enterprise in India."

Dr Gavin Melles

Dr Gavin Melles is the Senior Lecturer, School of Design (FHAD), Swinburne University, ARC Assessor, SNF (Switzerland) Assessor. He is the author of MSc report for Centre for Development, environment and policy titled 'Livelihood oriented micro and social enterprise in India: competing discourses of social impact and development.'

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